'ZOMBIES' have invaded a York neighbourhood today (July 21) - but there's no need to panic as it's just for a new movie.

Scenes have been shot in the Bishophill area for a comedy-horror film called Zomblogalypse.

Film-makers Miles Watts, Hannah Bungard and Tony Hipwell are undertaking a 20-day shoot over three months for the movie that builds on the momentum of their cult Zomblogalypse web series.

Miles said: "Previously it was just a web series and it's kind of elevated. We've been making the series for about 10 years. So we decided to pick a time this summer and make a film version and we want to get that into cinemas and festivals."

Hannah added: "We've always wanted to make it into a film. We've talked about it for years.

"We spent a few years developing a film script and then we got to the point where we were happy with the script.

"The series is all improvised, so we are kind of semi improvising and semi having a script."

The film is being shot in various locations in York, and there will also be a weekend of filming in Thirsk.

Explaining what the film is about, Miles said: "It's set a few years into the apocalypse so zombies are everywhere, they've taken over the world.

"We have decided to make a movie because basically we're bored during the apocalypse so we decide to make a movie about our experiences living in the zombie apocalypse. We hire a bunch of people online to come and be our crew, little knowing the trouble they're going to get into.

"While we are making this film real zombies come and try and kill us."

Letters were posted to local residents ahead of today's shoot to notify them about scenes being filmed for the movie.