CALLS are being made for speeding restrictions - and a duck crossing sign - on a main road through Norton.

Cllr Di Keal told members of Norton Town Council that she has been approached by a number of residents in Welham Road, who were concerned abut the speed of some vehicles travelling up and down the road.

“Vehicles are either coming down the hill into Norton too fast or picking up speed to go out of town,” she said. “I think we really need to ask for some speed monitoring and also moving the 30mph and 40 mph speed signs at the top of the hill so they are more prominent to motorists.

“This is a real concern by people about the speeding vehicles as there are a lot of families with young children who live in the area and also dog walkers who regularly use that route. I would like us to lobby the county council on this issue.”

Cllr Keal said that she would also like to see duck crossing signs in Welham Road, near the entrance to Lakeside Way.

“It would be helpful it we could get some signs asking drivers to slow down as there are ducks crossing the road, which are getting knocked over,” she said. “People enjoy seeing the ducks and they are an important part of that area of Norton.”

Cllr David Lloyd-Williams said: “One of the problems is that the 30mph sign coming into Norton is obscured by trees and you don’t see it until the last minute. Moving the signs would assist greatly in getting people to slow down.”

Cllr Sharon Cawte suggested the council asked for flashing matrix signs as a temporary measure to see how they works. “They are much more prominent than the ordinary signs and more effective at slowing drive down,” she said.

Cllr Bryan Barrett said: “It is not just Welham Road which has the problem with speeding vehicles, it is also an issue in Beverley Road and Langton Road, so perhaps we need to look at moving the signs there as well to further out of town.”

Councillors agreed to approach North Yorkshire County Council to investigate a change of road signs and duck crossing sign.