The brewery: Nomadic Beers.

Where is it?: In the basement of The Fox & Newt pub in Burley Road, Leeds.

The story: Katie Marriott had been with Whippet Brewing in Leeds, then set up Nomadic with Ross Nicholson in January 2017. They are one of a growing number of small, exciting and innovative breweries to have opened in Leeds in recent years, producing bold and excellent beers.

The beers: The core beers are Pale, Strider (a best bitter) and Bandit (American Pale Ale). There’s a regularly-changing range of specials as well including an IPA called Mike’s, which has been brewed for this weekend’s Festival of Brewers in Leeds.

Can I visit?: You can visit the pub of course, where the old kit in the pub basement has also been used by many other up-and-coming brewers over the years. Nomadic will soon be moving to new premises of its own in Sheepscar, Leeds, however. Business has gone so well in the first 18 months that they’re already expanding to meet demand, will remain.

What else is new?: The Festival of Brewers, mentioned above, opened yesterday and continues today at New Craven Hall in Leeds. There will be around 50 beers from nine small breweries in and around Leeds, including nine from Nomadic.