Incredible that Marion Sears, an ex-investment banker and chairwoman of the board pay committee of Persimmon, York’s major employer, did not know the average pay across the workforce and was humiliated in front of the House of Commons business strategy committee. She didn’t even know the lowest salary.

The committee were looking into excessive boardroom payouts, including Persimmon CEO Jeff Fairburn’s £46 million last year and other companies.

I’m very much for business but only when it’s fair, reasonable and has a moral compass - and Mr Fairburn’s remuneration fits neither criteria as nobody is worth that obscene amount.

The Conservatives removed the trade union power but all that has happened is that ordinary people have no voice and the money has gone from the many to the few like Fairburn and WPO’s Martin Sorrell on £70 million. Welcome to the new aristocracy.

Maybe it’s why the BBC and others are having pay problems - because there is no remuneration structure between staff and management in British companies.

Why in 2018 does the status quo remain the status quo? Is the argument that we have to go back to strikes to redress this reckless balance and inequity? Do we have to remind our boards that greed and disparity leads to revolution? This Government needs to sort it. The French Revolution and the overthrowing of the Czars is a salutary reminder from history.

Keith Massey,

Bishopthorpe, York