I am not surprised residents living near Fulford School are in uproar about the amount of cars and buses taking pupils to the school (“Please end school traffic nightmare”, The Press, June 9).

I see kids getting on a bus outside my house taking them to Fulford School, and yet the council closed down Burnholme School just down the road from me.

Also if I am getting the number 6 or number 11 bus just after school finishing times they are crammed with pupils who go to All Saints School.

The nearest senior school in this area is Archbishop Holgate’s, meaning there is only one senior school that kids can go to all around Osbaldwick, Tang Hall, Burnholme, Heworth, Ashley Park etc.

Burnholme School should have been left alone and then pupils around Burnholme, Ashley Park, Heworth and this part of Tang Hall could have gone there, alleviating the traffic problems at Fulford and making the number 6 and number 11 buses less crowded after schools leaving times - especially as they do not give up their seats for anyone.

Ann Forshaw,

Fourth Avenue, York