A POLICE officer has been given a final written warning for showing her colleagues an explicit text message.

PC Katie Jackson of Humberside Police faced a misconduct hearing this week, which found she "had caused distress to colleagues by showing them an explicit text message she had received, after being advised not to".

Detective Superintendent Matthew Baldwin said: "We and the public we serve rightly expect our officers to display the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and respect – whether they are out on duty or with their colleagues – and these expectations have not been met by PC Jackson.

"Her actions were not acceptable and as soon as the allegations came to light we carried out a full investigation into the circumstances. Her decision to share an explicit picture of a colleague with other colleagues – after being told not to do so - showed a lack of respect and courtesy to the people she was working with."

PC Jackson was cleared of further allegations that she had made a false statement claiming she had been assaulted by a suspect and took time off as a result.