MICHAEL Jackson tribute artist CJ will star in Jackson Live In Concert at the Grand Opera House, York, on September 21 with his band and dancers.

Presented by Sweeney Entertainments, CJ's show has 100 per cent live vocals to go with the look and the moonwalk as he performs the likes of Thriller, Beat It, Billie Jean.

"I have been inspired by Michael Jackson from the age of about four years old, as soon as I was old enough to understand music, singing, dancing and performing," says CJ. "I remember my father once putting on the famous Michael Jackson film Moonwalker and as soon as it was on, I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

"Since then, I practised, tried to imitate and sing like MJ every day. That’s how it all started for me. Michael Jackson gave so much to the world, so I decided to use my God-given talent to keep his legacy alive for all Michael Jackson fans."

CJ saw Jackson on his HIStory Tour in 1997 and had tickets for his This Is It residency at the London O2 Arena in 2009/2010, when he was among the army of MJ fans left heartbroken by Jackson's death on June 25 2009.

"No show can ever compare to seeing the man himself live but Michael Jackson fans who have seen our show have commented that it’s the closest thing to seeing MJ live," says CJ. "This make me very happy, proud and honoured to give fans a taste of what it was like to see Michael Jackson in action."

A strict diet, band rehearsals, dance rehearsals, vocal rehearsals and full technical rehearsals go into preparing Jackson Live In Concert, not to mention three hours of make-up before every show.

"The thing I enjoy most about the performances is putting a smile on people’s faces and seeing Michael Jackson fans of all ages coming together and enjoying one amazing night dedicated to the King Of Pop," says CJ. "That’s what makes my job worthwhile and gives me the most satisfaction."

Does CJ love one MJ song above all others? "If I am totally honest, I don’t actually have a favourite Michael Jackson song. Some songs I like better than others but I love everything produced by MJ," he says. "If I had to pick one favourite song to perform live it would have to be Billie Jean. My favourite part is towards the end of this song when it’s just myself and the drummer bringing back the magic of this famous Billie Jean live routine."

Tickets for Jackson Live In Concert's 7.30pm performance in York cost £13 upwards on 0844 871 3024 or at atgtickets.com/york.