ONE of the finest voices of her generation, Armatrading has rarely sounded better. Heading towards 70, Armatrading’s contralto is ageless and full of power and emotion.

Playing, programming or arranging all of the instruments, she has clearly put her soul into this new record. In concert, her band are slick and professional, and this one-woman band has a crisp confident sound.

Lyrically, Armatrading has little but banalities to offer. Heartfelt as ever, the clichés here are the sort that even a teenager might think twice about using. Always In My Dreams is typical of the subject matter, with Armatrading either hopelessly smitten or missing a certain someone.

Fortunately, she hasn’t lost her natural melodic gift. I Like It When We’re Together and Invisible (Blue Light) both recall her Eighties' commercial peak, while the beautifully recorded acoustics of the title track are pretty majestic with a wonderful vocal. Not too far away from her best, and there are only a select few of Armatrading’s longevity in that position.