IF you thought Punk had died, or at least mutated into New Wave, by 1980, think again.

Here is A Story Of Independent UK Punk 1980-1983, lovingly curated by Cherry Red Records over four discs that run to 114 tracks, rounding up indie punk faves, rarities and obscurities from such labels as Riot City, No Future, Spiderleg and Flicknife.

Compiled as the sequel to 2016's Action Time Vision retrospective of the rogue punk scene of the late-Seventies, this exhumation of the UK82 era goes deep underground, while giving plenty of air to the familiar likes of The Damned, Cockney Rejects, UK Subs and the next wave of The Exploited, Poison Girls, Discharge and The Toy Dolls (what a gem Tommy Kowey's Car is, by the way).

The template remains unbroken: whiplash drums, furious guitars, Rotten or Strummer vocals at breakneck speed, and anger, energy and politics to the fore. Whether Mary Whitehouse by Organized Chaos or Mindless Violence by Newtown Neurotics, you'll never tire of punk's snappy titles and band names.