STRETCHED across the back wall of Pocklington Arts Centre last Wednesday was a banner that read This Is Our Music. These Are Rebel Songs. Are You In Or Out?

The Magic Numbers know their place now, 13 years on from Forever Lost. They find themselves on their own label, making their first album in four years after a series of solo projects, and if they are Outsiders to the chart numbers, then Romeo Stodart can say "that doesn't matter because we are the Magic Numbers".

Oh, and those Numbers still add up on a record where Michele and Romeo and fellow brother and sister Sean and Angela Gannon celebrate how "we've never really fit in".

Their melodic flair is still aflame as they write of fellow outsiders, whether a fictitious motorcycle girl gang in Ride Against The Wind or the scorned lovers and society misfits of Runaways. The shadow of Neil Young falls across Sweet Divide, one more song to persuade you to be in with the out crowd.