A BUSINESS group in Pickering is crowdfunding for the town’s new CCTV system to combat anti-social behaviour - and has raised more than £3,500 in a month.

The Welcome to Pickering group has set up a GoFundMe page online in an attempt to raise the £12,000 cash for the new CCTV system.

The fundraising is part of the Ryedale Cameras in Action (RCIA) project; a charity which was set up in the 1990s to support the introduction of CCTV in Malton, Norton and Pickering.

The Welcome to Pickering page, set up by manager of local cafe-bar No. 4 Bar Alyssa Doe, said that Pickering was a little behind the other market towns in raising the necessary money.

“The yearly running/maintenance cost of the new system will be £3,000,” she said.

“We are aiming that with grants from the local councils and fundraising this target will be achievable year-on-year.

“In total there will be 12 cameras; three locations each with four cameras.

“Unlike the old system the cameras being installed will be able to give a 360 degree view from their position and be monitored 24/7 from Scarborough Police Station.

“We feel that this will benefit the community as a whole, whether you are a resident, have a business or a visitor to the town.”

Alyssa said that the need for effective CCTV has grown due to an increasing amount of anti-social behaviour.

“The beautiful teak carriages at NYMR were vandalised, numerous windows have been broken, the beautiful flowers - which Pickering in Bloom give their time for on a weekly basis - have been pulled out of their planters.

“Welcome to Pickering really feel that this new system will aid us all in protecting our beautiful town and community.”

She added that even small donations from townsfolk would all help.

For details see gofundme.com/pickeringcctv.