A DRUNKEN cyclist who rode along the A19 in dark clothing late at night has been sentenced by York magistrates.

Christopher Bernard Power, 46, “was wobbling about the road unable to keep a straight line” and a Vauxhall Corsa had to brake when the cyclist swerved into his path in Escrick, PC Michael Rowan told the court.

Giving evidence at Power’s trial, he said when he and another officer managed to stop Power after several attempts, “I had to go up to him to stop him falling over".

Power claimed he was called “Pavel” and was so abusive and struggled so much it took four officers to get him into a police van.

He screamed and continued to be violent at Fulford Road Police Station, the court heard.

Power, of Chestnut Drive, Holme-on-Spalding-Moor, east of Selby, did not attend his trial and was convicted in his absence of being drunk in charge of a bicycle and obstructing police.

He was arrested two weeks later on a warrant, admitted skipping bail, and was given a 12-month conditional discharge with a £20 statutory surcharge.

At the trial, PC Rowan said he and another officer first saw Power near the Parsonage Hotel in Escrick at 1.15am on December 30.

He had front and rear lights on and was wearing dark clothing.

“I suspected he was drunk due to his manner of cycling,” he told magistrates.

Initially Power gave police the impression he would stop but when they pulled in ahead of him, he overtook them, said PC Rowan.

Despite them putting on their blue lights and siren and shouting at him twice to stop he continued riding.

PC Rowan got out of the police van, stood in his path and held up his hand and Power tried to go past him, but was grabbed by the other officer and stopped.

He smelt of alcohol and had glazed eyes.