DETAILS about an auction of memorabilia from North Yorkshire Police headquarters have now been made public.

Following the move of police headquarters from Newby Wiske to Northallerton, hundreds of historical policing items which were not wanted by local museums or the National Association of Retired Police Officers were put up for auction.

The first auction was cancelled following concern from former officers, but eventually held on January 30, but results have not been made public until today.

Police and Crime Commissioner Julia Mulligan said another five auctions were held following the initial sale, and 112 items have been sold, with 21 items still to be sold at future auctions.

Mrs Mulligan said the value of items sold came to £4,370. The proceeds from a clock, which sold for £140, has been allocated to Cancer Research at the request of the family of the officer whose name is inscribed on the timepiece, and the auction company's fee of five per cent, means £4,018.50 has been raised so far.

Funds raised from the sales will be donated equally to the Police Treatment Centre and the North Yorkshire Police Welfare Fund, but will not be donated until all items have been sold.

Mrs Mulligan said: "Sadly not all our historic items were able to be retained because there simply isn’t space to store them all at our new headquarters. It is a similar picture at local policing museums who just weren’t able to take all the items they would have liked.

"I am pleased though that the sale of those items which weren’t able to be kept has been over £4,000, with some items yet to be sold. Whilst I will be waiting for a grand total before donating any of the proceeds, I have decided to split any money raised between the Police Treatment Centre, based in Harrogate, and the North Yorkshire Police Welfare Fund. It seems only right that past and present officers get some benefit from the sale of these items."

The next auction is scheduled for 29 May.