MEGHAN’S biggest fan Angela Rooke has put some Markle sparkle into her bungalow in Tadcaster ahead of Saturday’s royal wedding.

Angela, 56, paid £30 each for cardboard figures of Harry and Meghan, Wills and Kate and the Queen, who are all smiling from the window of her dining room.

She’s strewn her dormer bungalow on the outskirts of the brewery town with red, white and blue bunting, flags and love-hearts in a show of devotion to the happy couple that has seen her home become a mini tourist attraction, including for people passing nearby on the A64.

Angela, who lives with haulier husband Richard, 55, and daughter Jessica, 12, has spent the last week decking out the family home in time for the weekend.

She said: “I’ve always been a big fan of the royals, it started way back in 1973 when Princess Anne married Mark Phillips.

“I can remember how the whole country came to a stop and everyone settled in front of the TVs to watch, it really caught my imagination and I’ve loved every royal wedding ever since.

“I started buying the figures back in January after the wedding was announced because I wanted to make the house a real celebration of Harry and Meghan because I think they’re wonderful.

“I set up the cut-outs in our living room at first but the cat kept knocking them over so they’re now in the dining room out of the way.

“Cars stop for people to take photographs and I get lots of beeps and waves as people go by.

“I think it looks nice and it’s a good thing for people to get excited about a royal wedding, it’s one of those days when the whole country comes together.

“I’d like to go to London to watch because I think the atmosphere will be electric but you only catch a fleeting glimpse if you’re out on the street, I want to see the whole thing.”

Angela said she was hoping the prospective absence of Meghan’s father does not cast a shadow over the day.

She said: “I think he could have expected some attention from photographers when his daughter is marrying into one of the most famous families in the world.

“I’m sure she won’t let it spoil a wonderful day. I’d volunteer my husband to walk her down the aisle, he’d be more than happy to help out.”