Leaving aside the fact that Spark:York opened six months late and the horrible paint job it has been given instead of the wooden panelling it should have had, in a recent article published in The Press a spokesman for Spark said that when it opened it would be accessible to all.

However, when it opened the lift it was supposed to have hadn’t been installed and won’t be installed until September (which one?).

Therefore the upper level is totally inaccessible to wheelchair users and people with severely restricted mobility.

Would any City of York councillors move into a new house at the beginning of May only to be greeted by the builder telling them that the roof won’t be put on the building until September? No, thought not.

City of York councillors should immediately issue an enforcement notice and if necessary close this eyesore down fast.

Name and address supplied

West End quality at York’s Theatre Royal

I REALLY feel I have to write to extol the chance I and my friend had, on Saturday afternoon, to watch West End quality drama at the Theatre Royal’s matinee: it was a world premier to boot.

I booked on the strength of an early article on The Be All And End All about a month ago in The Press and purposely read nothing further, wanting my own theatre experience.

I was very lucky that my father took me to the West End as a teenager. I also knew the play was in a safe pair of hands, namely Damian Cruden, a world class director in my opinion.

The play was a visceral insight into 21st century life, pressures and mores. I and my friend, and someone else I spoke to afterwards, were emotionally drained. “It was all there,” as the latter said.

The playwright Jonathan Lewis, who also acted a key part, gave us much food for thought.

We left with a haunting jazz trumpet played by one of the key characters reflecting a theme, I paraphrase: “We all have a song in us, we just need to be allowed to sing it.”

For this relief, much thanks.

Dot Nicholson,

Fishergate, York

Moth and insect night is cancelled

THE moth and insect night at York Cemetery on Friday, May 25 has been cancelled.

All the other walks will go ahead as advertised.

Hazel Hall,

Friend of York Cemetery,

Cemetery Road, York