Regarding the survey conducted by Qa on the subject of housing, the questions are always picked to back a certain agenda, in this case to help a local housing developer get its own way (“New homes a priority for 93 per cent of residents”, The Press, May 12).

The real question that should be asked is: does the nation need more housing? To which the answer is obviously yes.

But cramming any new housing development into an already heavily built up area or where the roads simply cannot cope is the wrong solution to the problem.

Time how long it takes to travel the length of the A1237 and then see if a few thousand houses being built next to it still makes sense.

I would support the Galtres plan if, instead of a pledge to “work with the council” to widen the ring road and other access routes, they offered to pay for it - up front.

That won’t happen as the real concern is always profit margins and so the solution is for central government to fix the problem with new towns built in areas far away from existing developments, areas that are easy to build on and don’t annoy existing residents.

Dr Scott Marmion, Woodthorpe, York