WASTE piled up at Hazel Court Household Recycling Centre after the machine that compresses rubbish broke.

Residents said the site was a “disaster area” at the weekend.

One visitor, who asked not to be named, said: “The yard staff are doing their best but without the tools they are stuck. Everyone is instructed to just throw everything into these skips.

“They are taking it but they are struggling to keep their heads above water - or should that be above rubbish.”

Another resident said: "The yard staff are always courteous and helpful. They do a good job but it must be frustrating and demoralising when the equipment fails and they have no back up.

"The management should have contingency plans in place for just such an occasion.  All equipment can be expected to break down at some point.

"The yard this morning looked dreadful.  With this warm weather the heaps of rubbish will have vermin running around in it in no time at all."

James Gilchrist, assistant director for transport and planning, said the centre closed today at 5pm after discussions with Yorwaste, which runs the site, but will reopen tomorrow at midday.

He said: “Unfortunately one of the waste compactors at Hazel Court waste and recycling centre was out of action over the weekend. If you need to dispose of waste in the meantime please visit Towthorpe Household Waste Recycling Centre. Thank you for bearing with us whilst this is being fixed.”