ROMAN soldiers have invaded a York primary school.

Year four children at Clifton Green Primary experienced lessons with a difference when they were visited by guests from the past.

They were asked to write persuasive job applications to become Roman soldiers and joined the legion for an afternoon.

With the help of Legio VI Victrix, Eboracum - a re-enactment group - the children were suitably kitted out and given an insight into the life of the legion.

The new recruits were whipped into shape, armed with swords and shields and taught the essentials of legion language.

They then carried out a patrol of the playground making sure the perimeter was secure, before returning inside for a debrief.

Deputy head Nicola Jones said: “It was a really inspiring session and we look forward to continuing our Roman research this term.

“We’re always looking for innovative ways to enrich our curriculum.”

During the next few weeks, the pupils hope to hear back from Centurion Gaius, who is currently assessing their applications, to find out whether they have made the grade.