MANY of the York citizens who own, bought and paid for the Parliament Street fountain (The Press, April 5) could give a whole list of reasons as to why the non-working fountain should stay where it is.

The fountain is not so old or in such bad condition.

I would agree it is impossible to put water in again as it would be very expensive and costly to maintain. Sadly water seems to be an invitation to vandalism.

Are flower arrangements and plants the answer? It would not only be pretty and inexpensive, but we would still have our seating area.

The council gardeners in York make wonderful flower displays every year which are placed all over the city. Given the chance, they would do a wonderful job.

As stated before, the fountain is a wonderful eating, seating, greeting area used by many thousands of residents and visitors each year.

I wonder how many of our local councillors went last Christmas to see the fountain in all its splendour with a most modern Christmas tree in the centre. It was spectacular.

A bandstand has been mentioned for the Parliament Street area. Surely King’s Square at the top of the Shambles would be a better place for a bandstand.

A great deal of expensive work was done in Parliament Street, with paving and many trees planted.

We are now in a position where the trees are large and forcing up the paving, which is now very uneven.

Mary Broadhead,

Newland Park Drive,

Hull Road, York