MOVE over Trump, it is time for the power of Grump to sort out the world.

Step forward the Grumpy Old Women, alias comedian, writer and founder Jenny Eclair, Fascinating Aida's Dillie Keane, her fellow original member, and ex-Hollyoaks actress Lizzie Roper, a new addition for this year's 60-date tour.

The trio will vent their spleen at the Grand Opera House, York, on Thursday night, having shelved plans for Grumpy retirement. "Fed up with flogging our guts out and always having to be in charge, we had put our knobbly old feet up in glorious retirement, free at last to practise our extreme colouring-in, ukelele orchestra and novelty fudge-making," say the Grumpy Old Women.

"But with the world in a bigger mess than ever before, is there anything that can tempt us off our backsides to unleash our superpowers and once more come to the rescue?"

Thursday's audience can look forward to 90 minutes of "brand new full fat, batteries-included comedy from the mistresses of grump", as Dillie Keane picks up the tour again after a three-day break in sunny Rome.

York Press:

Into the frying pan: Dillie Keane gets fired up in Grumpy Old Women

"We tried to retire but unfortunately the Grumpy Old Women are always needed to sort out problems," says Dillie, who took part in the very first Grumpy performance.

"I can't say I was a founder, I just happened to be there! Jenny and Judith Holder wrote the first show and they still write the show now. I thought it wouldn't be quite as much hard work as doing the Fascinating Aida shows, but it's nearly as hard as we've been tinkering with the show in the first few weeks – but I don't have to tinker with songs every night the way I do with Fascinating Aida."

Dillie is working with Lizzie Roper in a Grumpy show for the first time. "She's very, very young! She only just makes the 'Grumpy' age. She's 50, so she's only just qualified," she says, now 65 herself.

Away from the show, Dillie and grumpiness are not on speaking terms. "No, I hate it, but on stage it's a way of letting off steam and it's nice to think that the things that irritate you also irritate everyone else," she says.

York Press:

Whatever floats your boat: Lizzie Roper, left, Dillie Keane and Jenny Eclair's Grumpy Old Women 

Such as? The litter at the side of motorways. "My particular contribution to setting the world to rights in this show is to suggest putting some flower tubs on the verges," says Dillie.

Politics is not on the agenda, however. "Jenny doesn't do politics in the Grumpy show, though we do mention Trump to say what a k*** he is, but our audience don't come for politics, just 'grumping' about things that affect us all."

Dillie does not feel grumpy about one particular matter above all others in her own life, "but what I'd like to do is take more holidays". "I haven't done a 60-date tour like this for 30 years; we do a maximum of 46 with Fascinating Aida," she says. "I've decided that, after this, I'll need a good rest and I haven't got enough time to get a new Fascinating Aida show ready for the autumn.

"I'm going to be 66 in May, so I kind of deserve some time off after 12 years of working non-stop, and I think it's time to allow the brain a little break."

Grumpy Old Women, starring Jenny Eclair, Dillie Keane and Lizzie Roper, plays Grand Opera House, York, Thursday, 7.30pm. Box office: 0844 871 3024 or at