PRIME Minister Theresa May showed courage and statesmanship in ordering specific military attacks by the RAF on Syrian

chemical weapon facilities in partnership with our American and French


It proves, yet again, the importance of the RAF in our defence strategy and the mistake in a volatile world in running down our armed forces.

Terminating flying training at Linton-on-Ouse and also losing Leeming’s front line squadrons and the proposed closing of Strensall and Imphal Barracks has to be reversed.

The whole Middle East is

a time-bomb and for too

long the Syrian regime under the leadership of Bashar Al Assad have been committing atrocities and flagrantly breaching international law by using chemical attacks, with impunity, on his own people.

Despite the Iraq errors in 2003, we have to move on and create a better world.

Russia is a rogue state and has taken blatant lying to new international levels of propaganda.

It’s a tragedy that they

were our allies in the

Second World War and suffered horrendous casualties, but they have form and been guilty of murder and cruelty of their own people from the Czars Lenin and Stalin.

They are continuously attempting to undermine democracies through misinformation.

Keith Massey,

Bishopthorpe, York