CAMPAIGNERS from York for Europe took to Parliament Street on Saturday - demanding a people’s vote on the final Brexit deal.

The message was echoed up and down the country, as supporters from Open Britain, the European Movement and Britain for Europe joined forces to take part in the largest ever pro-European National Action Day.

As well as twelve flagship events, there were more than 100 events taking place up and down the UK.

Members of local group York for Europe manned a stall in Parliament Street, calling for a vote on the Brexit deal.

York for Europe member Emilie Knight said: “This event is all about drawing people’s awareness to the fact that it’s not a done deal. There is still something to be said. We are encouraging people to demand a final vote. So this isn’t about whether you voted leave or remain, this is about having a say in what the final outcome is.

“We know things now that we didn’t know then.

“We know that the NHS is not going to get the £350 million, we know that it had an impact on the economy, it may not have been the exact impact that had been foretold beforehand, but we have lost value, we have dropped in world economic terms. It’s having an impact on the high streets, shops are closing, businesses are worried.

“What we’re saying is, think about where we are now, this is what we know now, and let’s have a vote, let people decide what the next step is. It’s not another referendum on in or out, it’s a referendum on accepting or rejecting the deal that is secured for us.”

Ulrike Bulle said the final deal shouldn't be left to politicians, adding the referendum had been won by a narrow margin.

She said: "At the moment, it looks like we’re heading for a hard Brexit, how can that be the result of what was nearly a 50-50 referendum?” The day of action was held ahead of the launch of a new People’s Vote campaign, calling for the British people to be given a vote on the Brexit deal.