THE roads and footpaths around York which will be repaired in the coming year have been revealed by city transport bosses.

Just under £8.5 million will be spent on planned repairs and improvements around the city in 2018/19 - with money coming from budgets for day-to-day expenditure and one-off investments.

A plan agreed by a senior council staffer last week sets out which roads and footpaths around the city will get attention, and one of the biggest investments is going to Marygate where £263,000 is set aside for footpaths and another £100,000 for the road.


Large sums are also being spent on the A19 at Skelton, where there is a £180,000 estimate for carriageway improvements; Clifton, where £200,000 has been earmarked for carriageway schemes; The Village in Stockton on the Forest which is getting £150,000; and Windsor Drive which is getting £100,000 for footpath works.

Some £200,000 has also been set aside for drainage work, on top of another £250,000 for further drain investigations.

The council has also budgeted £100,000 in 2018/19 for repairing various locations after fibre internet cables have been installed; and a total of £490,000 on repairs and restorations on the city walls.

Another quarter of a million is also going on resurfacing the Route 65 cycle path which runs north to south through the city; and there are big investments for city streets like Askham Lane, Middlethorpe Grove and Wigginton Road.

The plans were approved by City of York director of economy and place Neil Ferris, who last week also reported to transport boss Cllr Peter Dew about the work roads teams have done in 2017/18.

He praised the staff who work on the front line, often in bad weather, and said he wanted to make the public aware of the work that gets done.

Civil engineer Bill Manby said his teams had responded to hundreds calls about potholes because of the long, harsh winter - and was doing temporary repairs to make them safe before doing more permanent repairs.

The teams have also worked on ancient monuments around the city - working on Micklegate Bar roof and Monk Bar steps.