PRIMA Vox, York’s mixed voice chamber choir, are celebrating a remarkably successful weekend after competing in the National Choir Day at the 2018 Eskdale Festival of the Arts in Whitby.

They return to York as proud holders of two trophies, two first place certificates, one third place certificate and separate recognition awarded to musical director Ewa Salecka for best choral direction.

"This increasingly popular festival has been running in Whitby since 1903, and this year the Spa Theatre and Pavilion were bursting at the seams as the greatest variety of 18 national choirs competed for just a handful of accolades in this festival season finale," says Ewa, Prima Vox's founder.

"Prima Vox were awarded first place in two categories, sacred music and Christmas music, before achieving third place against 17 competing groups in the evening recital event."

York Press:

Prima Vox's haul of trophies and certificates from the National Choir Day at Whitby at the Eskdale Festival of the Arts

The adjudicators, including Opera North’s Sam Dunkley and Royal College of Music alumnus Jacqueline Edwards, praised the technical and artistic quality of Prima Vox's a cappella performances, applauding the choir's manner and bearing from the outset.

"The closing feedback paid particular attention to the 'well tuned blend of voices, diction, richness and controlled dynamic', with special mention given to the creative choice of repertoire, an element that I'm particularly proud to inject into all Prima choirs," says Ewa.

Never one to to sit still for long, Ewa is looking to build on last weekend's success by further expanding this a cappella group with a balance of male and female voices, creating ten new spaces in Prima Vox. "There will be no auditions, just an informal voice check, but singers should have previous choral experience," she advises. "Reading music is not required but regular commitment and the dedication to excel as a group is essential.

"Open rehearsals will be held on Mondays throughout April, so do get in touch if you are interested in joining." Potential singers should contact Ewa by emailing or phoning 07809 401164 or via the website,