STREETLIFE. It sounds a straightforward-enough theme for a photography competition.

But delivering photographs that somehow capture the myriad aspects of life on our streets is a huge challenge. How up close and personal do you get? Are there any subjects that are off limits? When do you cease becoming a photographer and turn into a voyeur?

Members of The Press Camera Club have been grappling with these issues in our March photography competition - theme #streetlife. The results hugely impressed Press photographer Frank Dwyer.

It is a theme that really needed to be explored through more than one photograph, he says. Several entrants - notably Erika Bracegirdle and Ian Bale - submitted portfolios. Frank chose two of Erika’s to make the final cut, one of which - crowds watching a performer in King’s Square - was his overall winner. “I love the way the people in the image are all looking towards something that’s ‘off-stage’, so that in a way the focus is something that isn’t even in the photograph itself,” he says.

Well done, Erika. You’ll receive £50 and a canvas print of your winning photograph.

And the theme for this month? What else could it be in April but #spring?