A HUSBAND and wife have been jailed for a revenge attack on a fellow caravanner as he lay in bed - over claims the victim had pinched the wife’s bottom.

Teacher Alison Louise Enoch, 45, and construction worker Craig Richard Enoch, 46, spent the evening drinking before going to the victim’s caravan in the middle of the night.

They grabbed him by the throat and got him to the ground where they punched, kicked and stamped on him, Judge Andrew Stubbs QC told York Crown Court.

“When one of you stopped, the other started,” he told the couple in the dock.

The revenge attack came after the couple had brooded for a fortnight over an incident in a Selby pub when the victim had pinched the wife’s bottom during a birthday celebration pub crawl with other caravanners, the court heard.

The revenge assault was so violent, it opened stitches made during an operation on the victim’s ears shortly beforehand, and about which the couple knew, the judge said.

In a statement to the court, the victim said he had been a keen caravanner but the attack had “destroyed all the good times and memories. I feel uncomfortable staying there (at the park)”.

The couple had tried to stop him going to the police by threatening him, he had lost two weeks’ work over the incident and since it had struggled to concentrate.

“There are just some crimes which are so serious that it is inappropriate to suspend a sentence,” the judge said. “A sustained attack in someone’s home at night involving stamping and kicking is in my mind one of those crimes.”

He jailed both for 20 months for the attack in Scalm Park Caravan Site, Wistow. The husband buried his face in his wife’s shoulder as sentence was passed.

Both Enochs, of Spibey Lane, Rothwell, denied causing actual bodily harm, but were convicted by a York jury earlier this month.

Laura Addy, for the husband, said prison would lead to the couple losing their home because they would be unable to pay the mortgage and Craig Enoch would have great difficulties renewing the qualifications he needed for building work.

Andrew Semple, for the wife, said she had lost her job, reputation and respect from others over the incident.