TEN new graduates have started with Humberside Police as part of the Police Now graduates.

Police Now sees candidates work with residents and partner agencies within the communities in placements as an alternative route into a career in policing, and the graduates have completed the first phase of a two-year intensive learning programme with the force.

The graduates become fully-warranted police officers and get to know the problems in communities, prominent offenders and crime hotspots, in an effort to achieve social change on the frontline.

Assistant Chief Constable Scott Young said: "I am incredibly proud of our first graduates, who have worked exceptionally hard, their training is particularly focused on community issues and those criminal problems that affect our communities.

"They are asked to work within very high demand areas, which at times can be difficult and challenging environments, they often bring with them new ideas and problem solving skills which are having a real impact within our communities."

For more information about the programme, go to policenow.org.uk