A 24-YEAR-old man caused nearly £50,000 of damage to Royal Albert Drive in Scarborough by doing a burnout during a car cruise event.

Anthony Hopcraft, of Maple Drive, Scarborough, performed wheel spins with his handbrake on until the tyres of his car burst and the rims of the wheels tore into the surface of the road on October 15 2017.

It cost £47,740 to repair the road.

Hopcraft pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and criminal damage at York Crown Court today, March 26.

He was handed a seven-month suspended jail sentence, ordered to carry out 160 hours of unpaid work, fined £750 and ordered to pay a £140 victim surcharge.

He was also banned from driving for two years and will have to take an extended driving test at the end of this disqualification.

Investigating officer, PC Will Lane of Scarborough community impact team, said: “Having a driving licence is a privilege, not a right.

"On the evening of 15 October, Anthony Hopcraft abused that privilege and drove with no thought for anyone else, let alone the damage, cost and inconvenience he caused to law-abiding members of the public.

"Public safety will always be our priority and I hope, that if and when Hopcraft regains his licence, his attitude to driving and other road users will be significantly improved.

“I welcome the sentence handed out which sends a clear message that such disregard for safety and other road users will not be tolerated in Scarborough.”