STILETTOS are being swapped for hiking books as two York women prepare for a charity trek up Kilimanjaro.

Tricia Sherriff of She Loves York and her new business partner Hayley McAllister have pledged to scale the 5,895-metre mountain in Tanzania in aid of two good causes: St Leonard's Hospice and Variety Yorkshire.

The daring duo will be joined by four other York women linked to She Loves York, a luxury membership card that links women with local businesses through a series of offers and discounts.

The team will have to endure a week of hardship scaling Kilimanjaro, the world's highest free-standing mountain, including camping in freezing temperatures, and coping with the change of altitude which can make climbers poorly.

Tricia and Hayley have different fears about the trip, which will take place next January.

Tricia, 44, said: "I am scared of heights. I get vertigo."

Hayley, 45, said: "My biggest challenge will be breathlessness and adapting to and coping to the altitude. We are all scared of that. I'm going to have to have some mind coaching to stop me panicking. I keep reading blogs that tell you that when you wake up it feels like somebody is sitting on your chest."

The pair along with their "teammates": Tracy Harrison, general manager of The Principal hotel, York; Michelle Crowther, of Crowther Chartered Accountants; Jane Wilkinson-Callau and Annabelle Hill, will prepare for the trek by completing the Yorkshire Three Peaks and climbing Snowdonia.

Hayley is a keen walker, and loves to stride out along the Cleveland Way. "I walk more than 10,000 steps a day," she said.

Tricia admitted she had some catching up to do: "The most I've done this week is 600 steps a day!"

And they have very individual reasons for signing up for the trek – which was originally Hayley's idea.

Tricia said: "I've always wanted to do an amazing challenge but never felt able to do one because I've suffered from post viral fatigue ever since I had glandular fever. This is a personal challenge for me because I don't want the fatigue to control my life anymore."

Tricia is a passionate fundraiser and has raised thousands of pounds for many local good causes. She will be fundraising for St Leonard's Hospice in the Kilimanjaro challenge. She said: "I am supporting the hospice because it is local and because my friend Peter Sutton had his last days there."

Hayley admitted she was always looking for a new challenge. Last year she learned to dance for a Strictly Come Dancing event for Variety. "For me, the challenge is always: what's next? I like to push myself and I have to have goals. I like to do a triathlon every year."

Part of that new challenge is joining Tricia at She Loves York. Previously, Hayley, a mum to three boys, ran her own interior design business. She got to know She Loves York by being a "partner" – one of the business members that markets its services and discounts to cardholders.

Tricia says one of the great bonuses of having Hayley join She Loves York is that she can now carve some more personal time – which she will put to good use in getting fit for the Kilimanjaro trek.

Tricia said: "I've introduced Hayley to the company and she's introduced me to a mountain!"

She Loves York will be staging its annual fashion show at The Principal hotel, York, as part of the York Fashion Week.

It will take place on Thursday, April 19, from 6.45pm-10pm, and feature clothes from a selection of high street and independent retailers. The ticket price of £26 includes a cocktail on arrival and high tea with a glass of fizz. A charity raffle will also be held.

To book tickets, visit: