A HEARING will next week investigate claims that a police officer played computer games while watching CCTV footage relating to a rape case.

The rescheduled police misconduct hearing, which take place in Goole, and involves a Humberside officer who is not being named 'in order to protect their welfare and that of a third party.'

A force spokesman said it was alleged that in 2015, the officer submitted an internal report and statement saying they had reviewed all of the CCTV in a rape case when it was evident they had not, 'as the officer had failed to identify the victim and two suspects on the footage.'

He said: "This had the potential to undermine the case and may have resulted in a second suspect remaining at liberty.

"This amounts to a breach of honesty and integrity, duties and responsibilities, discreditable conduct and orders and instructions."

He said it was also alleged that having been shown how to operate CCTV footage viewing software, the officer 'proceeded to watch CCTV footage pertaining to a rape case at an inappropriately high speed and whilst doing so the officer was engaged in computer games.'

He said: "This had the potential for vital CCTV evidence to be missed. This amounts to a breach of duties and responsibilities and orders and instructions."

Also, whilst conducting a workbook check with a supervising officer, the officer stated they had contacted the Crown Prosecution Service and were awaiting an appointment to discuss a case.

"This was untrue as no request had ever been submitted to the Crown Prosecution service. This amounts to a breach of honesty and integrity.

"The matters set out above are a breach of the standards which are so serious as to justify dismissal and therefore constitute gross misconduct."