A PUP from Pickering has impressed judges at Crufts, scooping the award for best in breed.

Five-year-old Blue put her best paw forward at the event at Birmingham NEC on Thursday, when she was named as the top Long-Haired Pyrenean Sheepdog.

It was a day to remember for her owner, 65-year-old owner Eoin Flint, who joined thousands of other dog lovers at the 127th edition of the world's largest dog show.

Eoin said: “It’s fantastic, she is a diva.

“This is her stage. We’ll stand up together but she’s a bit precious about it. She is quite aloof, she lives with a pack of eight and it’s always on her terms. Maximum energy in the smallest package.

“Winning at Crufts is a dream."

And on Sunday, Richard Bott from Selby celebrated his three-year-old English Springer Spaniel Owen winning the prize for best of breed.

Richard said:“You never can expect to win, the competition is so high. I am absolutely delighted.

"I was not expecting it. This is the first time we have won best of breed with Owen.

“They are a great breed to live with. They are fun and friendly."