A HOMELESS man has been jailed for 18 weeks for breaking a court order banning him from going near his own mum.

Darryl Edward Gray, 30, had previously trashed his mum's house when he may have taken drugs, and he intimidated her, said prosecutor, Kathryn Reeve.

After a “domestic incident” in May 2016, York magistrates had banned Gray from going anywhere near his mother or her home to protect her.

But since then he has breached the restraining order six times.

He walked into the house through an unlocked door and stayed there despite her protests until finally she contacted his probation supervisor and police arrived, said Ms Reeve.

“His mother asked him to leave a number of times.

"He refused to do so. She didn’t want to push it - she was worried it would cause a fight,” said the prosecutor.

“She was intimidated by him.”

For him, Liam Hassan said: “The reason he went to his mother’s address was because of the weather. He is homeless. It doesn’t justify or excuse what he has done, but it does provide an explanation.”

Gray, of no fixed address, admitted breaching the restraining order and was jailed for 18 weeks.

He had only been released from prison on December 22 and had not attended some post-sentence supervision appointments with probation officers.

Mr Hassan said Gray had many personal issues for which he needed help and had been homeless for a long time.

York magistrates heard Gray’s compliance with his 12 months’ post-sentence supervision had been so poor, probation officers were preparing to report him for action to be taken against him.

The restraining order remains in force until May 31, 2019.