A CHARITY supporter is auctioning her car to help homeless people.

Mela Armacinska, who lives in Norton, is aiming to raise funds for the charity York Homeless Support, which distributes warm clothing, bedding and food to people living on the streets.

The 29-year-old is running the auction for her silver-coloured 2003 petrol BMW.

She said: “The car needs some attention and will need some repairs, but I felt this was a good way of raising some money.

“I have received a starting price of £100, but hope to get more before the weekend.

“It is really hard to obtain some of the materials that we need to help homeless people, that’s why I came up with the idea of auctioning the car.

“With the money I will be able to purchase paper plates, cups, spoons, etc. I am also contacting businesses in the hope they will donate gift vouchers to be auctioned after the car has gone."

Mela, who spent Christmas Day helping the homeless with her 10-year-old son Filip, has also set up a support group on Facebook.

“I would be grateful if anyone would like to offer items to be auctioned and join those who already have donated,” she said.

“I am so grateful that I have so many amazing people around me who donate items, so at least for a few moments I can give some joy and necessary stuff for those who have nothing.”

Mela added: “Helping the homeless is really important to me as the more time I spend with these people the more unfair I feel their situation is.”

Anyone who would like to support Mela, or take part in the auction, can contact her through her Facebook page Mela’s Homeless Support Group.