AN inspirational film shot in York about two unlikely school friends had its premiere at the Everyman cinema last night.

Scott Elliott and Sid Sadowskyi had never written, produced or directed a film before but managed to make their dream of making a movie a reality.

And the coming-of-age film, called Scott and Sid, was shown at a sold-out screening at the Blossom Street cinema before a question and answer session with the duo.

Scott Elliott, said: “It was great to be back in our home county and in the city where a large proportion of the film was shot.

“The people of York helped out in many ways during production, so it was great to meet them all again last night and hear about what they thought of the film.”

Locations in Scott and Sid include York’s famous walls and city centre streets, cafes and restaurants, including the grandeur of Ask in the Assembly Rooms, Biltmore, and Grey’s Court Hotel, Aviva and Huntington School.

Sid Sadowskyj, added: “York residents will definitely recognise many notable locations throughout the film including York Minster and York City Walls.

“It was very heartfelt that so many attended - to have so many leave the screening feeling inspired and ready to chase their dreams was epic.”

The film is on national release tomorrow and the DVD and digital download will follow on March 12.