SINCE the days when our earliest ancestors huddled around their campfires while lions prowled, eyes gleaming, beyond the ring of light, we’ve had an odd relationship with the dark.

We’re frightened of it, yet fascinated, too. It’s a time for rest at the end of the day - and for hitting town with friends in search of the bright lights.

Marching through the city centre with friends is one thing. Finding yourself alone on a deserted city street in the small hours when shadows loom is quite another.

Given the way that darkness changes everything, we knew we’d get some great entries in our Press Camera Club #afterdark competition. And so we did - Andy Law’s Marygate at night (you can almost hear the silence) and Marj Holdsworth’s Minster by moonlight among them.

Press photographer Frank Dwyer awarded the runner-up prizes to Medel Domingo for his multicoloured view of nighttime Knaresborough and to Dave Pinder for his solitary alley cat on the prowl.

And the winner? Jonathan Allison’s intimate study of diners sitting in Bettys, all unaware that they’re being observed. Because of the reflection, it is almost two photographs in one...

Stephen Lewis