BRASS Castle Brewery is aiming to make beers for as many drinkers as possible as it makes the move to a full gluten-free production process.

The Malton-based business, which has also been using vegan-friendly methods since it first opened in 2011, is also hoping to expand its laboratory so every batch of beer can be certified gluten-free without being sent away for testing.

The brewery is set to spend £200,000 on the project over the next six months as it invests in extra equipment and a canning productions line.

Brewery founder Phil Saltonstall said: “At Brass Castle we are really proud of our beers and of our brewers’ fantastic recipes, and we don’t want any beer drinkers to have to miss out.

"We’re delighted to have been able to switch to complete gluten-free production without impacting upon the signature flavours.

“By bringing our gluten testing in house, we will be able to give drinkers absolute assurance, every time they buy one of our beers, that it is gluten-free – and we can do so without having to pass on any significant extra cost to the bars and pubs we work with.”

Currently the company’s Sunshine IPA, Bad Kitty porter, Helles Lager and Hoptical Illusion pale ale are gluten-free certified through Brewlab in Sunderland but Mr Saltonstall said this testing can cost thousands of pounds.

He added that for a run of 44 casks of ale the certification can add about £2.50 to the price of each cask, hitting pub owners who work within tight profit margins.

Brass Castle’s Sunshine IPA and Bad Kitty are now shortlisted in the drinks category of the FreeFrom Food Awards.

The brewery makes its beers gluten-free by using vegan-friendly enzyme protease.

Mr Saltonstall said: “We’re delighted to have been shortlisted in the FreeFrom awards, alongside some other excellent breweries, who are also demonstrating that gluten-free beers can be just as delicious as regular beers.

“We knew there didn’t have to be a flavour penalty in making the switch to gluten-free, but we’re still surprised that not one Brass Castle drinker seems to have noticed a difference.

"It’s possible that our beers have just got even better.”

Award winners will be announced in London on April 17.