A mother who "plastered her child with make-up" to hide his injuries has been jailed as has the man who caused them.

Andrew Semple, prosecuting, said when the teenager took her 22-month-old toddler to a birthday party, the other mothers present were so appalled by his appearance they felt sick.

They took pictures of the tiny child’s injuries and after his mother had taken him home, contacted the NSPCC.

After the court case, a spokesman for the children's charity said: “These alarmed mothers did exactly the right thing in reporting their concerns, this time to the NSPCC helpline, so that help and support could be offered to a child in need.

“Child protection is everybody’s responsibility so it’s vital that the public are vigilant to signs of abuse and report anything untoward."

The mother, 18, of east York, pleaded guilty to failing to get medical attention to her child and was jailed for nine months at York Crown Court. Neither defendant is being named to protect the child's identity.

The Honorary Recorder of York, Judge Paul Batty QC, told her: “You even plastered his face with make-up in order to hide and mask the injuries that were there visible for all to see.

“That is no way for any mother to behave towards their child. You ought to hang your head in shame.”

Felicity Hemlin, for the mother, said the child had made a full recovery and social services had returned him to his mother after six months in care.

The mother was “disgusted” by her behaviour. She had been a young mother and lacking in experience.

The partner, of west York, pleaded guilty to causing actual bodily harm and was jailed for ten months. He is not the child's father.

The judge told him: “What you did to that child was unforgiveable. You slapped a vulnerable and defenceless child a number of times because, quite simply, you lost your temper with the little child.”

For the partner, Geraldine Kelly said he now had no contact with either the toddler or the mother and had never meant to injure him. He had recently been diagnosed as having an autistic spectrum disorder.

Mr Semple said the toddler had hair missing from his head and bruises and other marks on his face and head, including one caused by a very forceful slap.

The spokesman said: “Anyone concerned about a child can call the NSPCC helpline on 0808 800 5000 at any time, free of charge. If a child is in immediate danger, please call 999.”