LABOUR has held on to a council seat in today's York by-election.

Kallum Taylor has been elected as a city councillor for the Holgate ward.

The by-election was triggered by the resignation of Labour councillor and former Lord Mayor Sonja Crisp earlier this year.

The by-election result, revealed just over an hour after the polls closed at 10pm, means Labour remains the largest party on City of York Council with 15 councillors. The party is the main opposition to the joint Conservative and Liberal Democrat administration.

He will represent Holgate alongside Cllrs Fiona Derbyshire and Mary Cannon, both also Labour. 

The full results are:

Andreas Heinemeyer - Green Party - 203

Emma Keef - Liberal Democrats - 982

Joe Pattinson - Conservative Party - 334

Kallum Taylor - Labour Party - 1,521

The total number of votes: 3048

The total number of rejected votes: 6

Turnout  32.4%

Following his victory, Cllr Taylor said: "Tonight is about victory but tomorrow the real work begins. For me. For all of us.

"We have to keep making our voices heard so that more people hear them, and our voices become a shout. A shout of outrage at the way so many people in York are living. No. Not living. Existing. Existing because they’re working two or three jobs just to stay still. Existing because their home is unsuitable or affordable or both. Existing because they have loved ones who can’t get the care or medical attention they need.

"In a city like York it’s just not right that we have children who are hungry, families who are homeless and – behind closed doors and curtains – people isolated by austerity."

He added: "Now you have put your faith in me, I will take your passion, your energy and your hunger for change into the council chamber. I will work hard to deliver the policies this ward, and this city deserves."

Cllr Taylor said he plans to keep up the campaign and get out and about to speak with local residents.

He also said he wants to help engage as many residents as possible with the development of the old railway land on York Central.

He explained: “My views on York Central are simply that it is a huge opportunity for York if we get it right. If we get it wrong it could be a blight on the city.

“The size of the site means we have to make it workable and sustainable for the whole city of York in the long run. It’s not just a Holgate issue, it’s a York-wide issue.

“Residents I have spoken to on the door step of York Central would like to see it put York people first, and address some of city's more pressing needs like social and affordable housing.

“Yes we need homes, but the right type of homes, delivered in the right type of way."

“Around here the roads are clogged up enough already."

He thinks York Central’s transport system would need managing very carefully and that any sort of housing provision would have to go hand in hand with a workable transport plan.

In addition, he believes York Central needs to provide space for business and community projects to "thrive."

In the 2015 local elections, the Liberal Democrats finished fourth in Holgate - behind both the Conservatives and the Greens - but following a campaign led by Emma Keef the Liberal Democrat vote increased by 19.5 per cent.

Mrs Keef said: “I am delighted that I have been able to greatly increase the Liberal Democrat share of the vote here in Holgate. Although I am disappointed not to be elected on this occasion, I would like to thank all of those who voted for me and those that dedicated their time to help me during this campaign.

“Tonight’s result shows how far the Liberal Democrats have come and demonstrates that that we can overcome Labour in the local elections next year.”

Conservative candidate Mr Pattinson said he was "disappointed" with the result, adding: "Well done to Kallum, I am sure he will serve the Holgate ward with distinction.

"Thank you to the people who did vote for me."

This by-election is the third since the last council elections in 2015, after Labour councillors stood down in Micklegate and Hull Road wards. The party held both of those seats in by-elections held on the same day as the 2017 General Election.