AN archaeologist and re-enactor has come up with a way to unpick how the Vikings made their clothes.

Emma Boast , whose Viking name is Bruni, has written Nalbinding For Beginners, a book that de-mystifies the craft of Viking knitting and it will be launched at the week-long festival this Friday.

She hopes the guide will teach people this ancient art of knitting with a single bone needle, traditionally used to make hats, socks, gloves and mittens.

Emma’s passion for Nalbinding all began when she met a Swedish expert at the festival some years ago. She was hooked and since then has set up her own online Viking craft business.

Emma, who has worked for York Archaeological Trust for the past eight years, said: “People kept asking me how you make things and that’s how this new book came about. I really want people to give it a go."

"Anything you knit using this technique will last longer and be more durable and what’s more you can easily darn it.”

You can buy Nalbinding for Beginners at the 10th Century Traders event between 10am and 4pm this Friday in Parliament Street or on Facebook.