From our archives:

85 years ago

The probability of a regular British air service across the Atlantic within the next couple of years was foreshadowed by Sir Eric Geddes, Chairman of the Imperial Airways, after returning from a flight through Africa.

Touring the Imperial Airways route with managing director, Mr G E Woods Humphrey, he stated “I would hazard the prophecy, that in the next two or three years he will be starting a regular British air service across the Atlantic.

“Young mothers all over the country should be told that a baby does not need to be coddled and given a pillow,” said one Kent Coroner, after an inquest on a baby who had been smothered by a pillow.

“Our ancestors,” he said did without, and so can the modern child. "Prop up a mattress under the child’s head, if you like, but there is absolutely no excuse for giving it a feather pillow.”

50 years ago

A first visit to Cruft’s dog show brought outstanding success to Four Joys Blue Danny, a 16-month-old rough collie owned by Mr and Mrs Bernard Harland, of Malton Road, Pickering.

Virtually sweeping the board to take first prizes and seconds, the major achievement was second in the open dog section, for which he received the Kennel Club’s reserve challenge certificate.

Plans to do away with the cobblestones at Thirsk market, was considered as a disastrous move according to the Rev Dudley Hill.

Speaking at a Civic Society brains trust meeting he declared that any tarmacadam covering would ruin the character of the town centre.

And Extra squads of riot police were detailed to patrol the Sabina Park ground to prevent any recurrence of another massive bottle barrage at England’s Test team.

Sales of canned and bottled drinks had been banned in the popular stands in a bid to protect the West Indian team.

20 years ago

Blue Peter’s newest presenter Konnie Huq paid a visit to York to take part in the Viking Longships replica race on the River Ouse.

For the 22-year-old Londoner, this was her first visit to York, and though she spent most of it on the river filming, she was impressed by both the sights and the weather.

And Paula Yates had vowed never to speak to her ex-husband Bob Geldof again sating she blamed him for the death of her partner Michael Hutchence.