On Thursday, people in York's Holgate ward will have chance to vote for a new city councillor. We asked all four candidates fighting for election what they think they have to offer people in the city centre ward.

Kallum Taylor, Labour

York Press: IN THE RUNNING: Kallum Taylor is the Labour candidate in the up-coming Holgate by-election

Hello, I’m Kallum, I work for a local housing association, live just off Leeman Road, and in my spare time play in goal for a local football team.

I am standing for election because I want to dedicate my time to making Holgate a better place to live. I will be a friendly and hard-working councillor, and will hold regular surgeries to listen to residents’ concerns and ideas.

I use the same services, shops and streets as everyone else in Holgate, and am affected by the same local problems. I care deeply about finding solutions that work. We must get the basics right with fewer short-term fixes. This is the bread and butter for councillors of any party and I will always make sure this responsibility is met.

We've also got a responsibility to tackle the most pressing challenges that York faces: the shortage of genuinely affordable homes, the need to create high quality jobs, the clogged up transport system, and protecting the environment. All of these challenges are connected and cannot be solved in isolation.

York Central offers so much potential, but only if we get it right. It is vital that the development meets the long-term needs of our community and protects our amenities. I will make sure that local people’s ideas are taken on board by the consortium.

If elected, I promise to work tirelessly to bring action and results to improve our community, both now and for future generations.

Joe Pattinson, Conservatives

York Press:

York is the place I grew up, still live and work. From its drive, spirit, and endeavour to its history, heritage, and people, I will forever be proud to say it's my home city.

I'm also proud to be standing as the Conservative candidate in Holgate.

Being that very strong, local voice, I will persistently bang the drum for Holgate residents giving them the backing that they so deserve yet have lacked so miserably from Labour. A return to the shambles of Lendal Bridge style fiascos is only symbolic of Labour, especially when previous Holgate Labour councillors were at the very heart of such decisions.

This was something that angered me greatly. However, nearly three years on, it puts into light developments like York Central. It shows that a Conservative led council make the steps to progress. It's just so vital that it delivers for Holgate creating great opportunities like good jobs and benefitting the local economy (and being the only low tax candidate in the by-election, this will help local residents greatly allowing greater scope for investment to occur). Yet, in order to get it right, it's imperative we listen to residents.

Emma Keef, Liberal Democrats

York Press: Emma Keef

Holgate is my home, I love living here and it’s where my children go to school. It’s a great place to live but there are lots of things a proactive local councillor could do to make residents’ lives better – whether that’s tackling potholes, pavements and damaged grass verges to the bigger issues like congestion, air quality, education and protecting our green spaces.

York Central is a major issue for Holgate but also an exciting opportunity to create new green space and much-needed affordable housing. I want to ensure that the developers listen to residents during every stage of the planning and construction process.

My background is in community development, working with the most vulnerable members of society. I now work for York Carers Centre, supporting unpaid carers and I volunteer when I can in the local community. I co-chair St Paul’s School PTA and help Friends of Hob Moor. As a trustee for York Special Care Baby Unit I get to aid the amazing work of the NHS.

This is the first time I’ve stood for election and have enjoyed meeting many new people during this election campaign. I would be honoured to serve as one of Holgate’s three local councillors.

Andreas Heinemeyer, Green party

York Press: Andreas Heinemeyer

I am 46 years old and (since 2006) live with my family (three boys) in Holgate. I am a researcher at the university and shall bring my academic expertise in the field of ecology to bear, for example in my vocal support for Hob Moor - I contributed to and identified alternative solutions for holistic flood defence proposals.

Together with my wife, Catherine, I planted an orchard in West Bank Park and I am part of the Friends of West Bank Park assisting with park maintenance.

Environmental issues are intrinsically linked to equality. When we look at flooding, for example, it is so often those without the financial buffer who are hardest hit. York needs to be actively engaging with flood risk communities to identify long-term solutions.

I am deeply concerned about the development plans for York Central. I avidly support the Friends of Millennium Green, Holgate Community Gardens, the RSPCA and the many residents with worries about the plans to build disruptive roads near their communities.

Turning Marble Arch into a bus-cycling-walking corridor would provide fast public transport to the city centre and lessen the need for new cars on the roads to York Central. Unfortunately, latest plans are contradictory to this approach resulting in unacceptable noise and air pollution. I will try and reverse this decision.

Becoming the fifth Green councillor would take the Green Party over the 10% representation threshold and allow us to better hold the council to account on sustainable, affordable, visionary and future-proof planning across York.