A YOUNG woman allegedly robbed two boys aged 11 and 14 of their bikes at knifepoint, a York jury heard.

Alicia Jane Sowerby, 19, initially joined in a football game with boys at a park in York, claimed Aisha Wadoodi, opening the prosecution.

But after leaving the scene for a couple of minutes, she returned with a steak knife between six and nine inches long, the court heard.

“Who is giving me their bike?” she said, pointing the knife at the 14-year-old, who was among those playing football, said Ms Wadoodi.

“Not surprisingly, (the boy) told police he was very frightened and didn’t want to get stabbed,” the barrister alleged.

Ms Wadoodi claimed that minutes after she rode off on the older boy’s bike, Sowerby robbed the 11-year-old of his bike. She allegedly still had the knife.

Sowerby, of Alder Way, New Earswick, denies two charges of robbery and two of having a knife in public. The offences allegedly happened in the early evening of Tuesday, May 30.

She claimed to police she had been drunk at the time and denied having a knife with her or threatening anyone with a knife.

She alleged she had had an Allen key with her that may have been mistaken for a knife.

“The prosecution says there is no mistake about this,” alleged Ms Wadoodi at York Crown Court. “They (the boys) saw the knife.”

She claimed both the boys’ bikes were later found on a sports field by a woman walking her dog.

She posted pictures of them on Facebook and both were returned to their owners.

Ms Wadoodi alleged the older boy warned other younger boys in the park after his bike was taken. He saw Sowerby allegedly running after the younger group with a knife.

A third boy who saw the alleged robbery of the 11-year-old recognised Sowerby from Facebook, claimed the barrister.

Together with the 14-year-old and a fourth boy, he looked through Facebook to find out her name.

Sowerby was arrested on June 9. She told police she had been at the park with her friends and claimed a friend had taken her bike. The trial continues.