HISTORICAL items found at a building site have gone on display inside a York church.

Residents were given the chance to look at the discoveries, from pre-construction archaeology at the Germany Beck site on the edge of Fulford, at St Oswald’s Church Hall in Fulford and listen to a talk from Paula Ware, the archaeologist in charge of the excavations.

Christopher Rainger, from the Fishergate, Fulford and Heslington Local History Society, said: “We had a terrific turnout for our Germany Beck archaeology meeting, with more than 70 people listening to Paula Ware and Kelly Hunter, of Malton Archaeology Practice, describe the long history of occupation at the housing site.

“The archaeologists showed people the shards of the earliest Neolithic pot found in York and a beautiful Roman ‘tulip brooch’.

“Also on display was a metal wheel, thought to be from the trams which used to run to Fulford.”

Civil War era musket balls have also been found, however there is no evidence linking them to the Battle of Fulford in 1066.