A CONSERVATIVE supporter for 56 years, I could not have imagined that I would ever feel inclined to congratulate a Labour MP. However, I was most impressed to hear Rachel Maskell’s oration during the Parliamentary debate on Wednesday on the NHS Winter Service.

Ms Maskell spoke passionately about the problems currently faced by the dedicated staff at York Hospital and their inability to free up beds, due to the fact that there is nowhere in the city to discharge people who need social care, particularly the elderly.

Ms Maskell brought up the subject of land previously occupied by the now redundant Bootham Park Hospital. She suggested that the NHS use the site to provide a social care solution to the problems being faced, instead of selling off for housing this valuable NHS property asset immediately adjacent to the overcrowded hospital.

I am in full agreement with her on this matter and would like to ask that the Press give this publicity and support to the suggested alternative to the NHS proposal for the disposal of Bootham Park for housing.

Mary Morton (Mrs), Hob Moor Drive, Holgate, York