Beat the January blues with some sunshine fashion, suggests MAXINE GORDON

THERE'S nothing very mellow about yellow. Not this sort of yellow – the one that looks like a child's drawing of the sun, or the yolk of an egg, or a spoonful of English mustard.

These are the hues that put the yell into yellow: that shout out: "Hey, look at me!".

And they have come around just in time to rescue us from the misery of the January blues (which should really be renamed the January greys, given the colour of the sky most days this month).

Yellow is not a colour for the fashion wallflower. If you wish to dip your toe in the trend, look for pieces in a soft lemon (definitely a bit more mellow yellow). Or think about using yellow in an accessory – a scarf, bag, or piece of jewellery would be the perfect starting place.

We spotted the ideal piece coming to Oliver Bonas in March, a chunky statement necklace, that would look great worn with grey, navy or pale blue.

Other yellow items are coming to a high street near you in the next few weeks or months.

They won't be hard to miss.