PHEW! We got off lightly. As the south ground to a halt in the recent snowstorms, the north was spared with a mere dusting of the white stuff.

Frosty mornings were the worst we had to face – but as our pictures today show, York and North Yorkshire has had its fair share of Narnia-like conditions over the years.

Snow is a bit like Marmite – people seem to either love it or hate it. Kids mainly fall into the first category – and no wonder, snow usually means sledging, making snowmen, snowball fights and most likely a day off school. For adults, it can be a miserable experience – struggling to get to work, struggling to stay on two feet, struggling to stay warm. Struggling, basically.

We can see evidence of this in some of the pictures shared today. Anyone whose car has been stuck in the snow will feel for the driver with a shovel trying to dig his vehicle out of a snowdrift. And what about those poor old workmen on New Year's Day 1962, clearing piles of snow from Davygate. That's one way to clear a hangover, I guess!

Also hard at it were football fans at Bootham Crescent in1985. When the pitch was covered in a blanket of snow, fans were determined that the FA Cup fourth round tie against Arsenal should go ahead so volunteered to sweep it up. That's dedication for you.

York's historic landmarks look their best in the snow – I'm sure you will agree that these pictures of Clifford's Tower and York Minster are as as pretty as a picture. Or should that be Christmas card!