The recent turmoil at Tesco stores disguised the true purpose of Viva!'s national Day of Action against the chain.

The national animal group organised more than 160 peaceful and lawful events around the country to highlight the suffering of turtles sold by Tesco at their 39 Chinese stores.

Both Tesco and the police acknowledge that the security alerts were in no way connected to the campaign.

China has no animal welfare laws.

Turtles are decapitated in-store, or taken home and gutted or boiled alive by customers with no training in slaughter methods.

Research has shown that there is no method of killing turtles for food that is humane.

As a British business, Viva! believes that Tesco should follow British welfare standards in all of their stores.

If the methods used in China were used here, Tesco would be liable to prosecution under existing animal welfare legislation.

By promoting the sale of live turtles, Tesco is also putting wild populations at serious threat.

For more information on our campaign, please see, or phone 0117 944 1000.

Justin Kerswell, Campaigns manager Viva!, York Court, Wilder Street, Bristol.