FORMER world heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury was in York yesterday to pick up his car from a Strensall leather interior firm.

Seat Surgeons made the headlines last month after its apprentice Luke Burnett attracted an order from the undefeated 6ft 9in fighter through his work on the business’s social media and digital marketing.

Yesterday Tyson returned to York to pick up the car, which belongs to his wife Paris, and meet Luke for the first time.

Tyson, who became a father for the fourth time on Saturday, and travelled from Morecambe to pick up the vehicle, said: “It is a long way to come, but I did my research online and thought these guys were the best; the best only wants the best.

“I’m over the moon with the results. I left it to the guys here to come up with the design, I told them to surprise me, and I’m very pleased with the outcome.

“I’m sure lots of people are going to be asking me where I got them done, and I’ll be telling them about Seat Surgeons in York.”

Tyson’s order, for Scottish tan leather seats with a quilted diamond stitched pattern and personalised labels reading Fury, was designed and fitted by Seat Surgeons’ in-house design team.

York College student Luke, who was at college on the day Tyson dropped the car off, said: “We’ve had quite a few people get in touch since we were in The Press with Tyson.

“We’ve had new business come in, and I’ve personally had people get in touch with me asking for help with their social media.

“The knock-on affect has been really interesting and I feel I have learnt a lot from it, and more about business marketing.

“It has given me more confidence in what I do and to know I can give it a try in other markets.”

Luke, 18, was taken on by Seat Surgeons founder Paul Hewitt, who since appearing in The Press, has taken on another youngster on placement after being approached by them for work opportunities.

Mr Hewitt said: “I asked someone a while ago where we were going wrong in business, and they said the first thing to do is contact the local college to get some young talent in, and that’s exactly what I did.

“I spoke to York College and in April we took on Luke to help with digital marketing and social media.

“The whole team here are great, they work very hard in what they do, and Luke has done a fantastic job. I’m really passionate that as a local businessman my role is to put something back in the area to help kids find their feet.

“I didn’t have that when I started out and it makes me want to help them.

“This order from Tyson has been fantastic. We’ve done a lot of work in the past for high profile sports people, and worked with different agencies, but Tyson has been amazing about going out of his way to promote what we have done for him.”