I see the dubious plan to demolish the Carlton Tavern is to be given a re-run (The Press, November 23).

I would ask the all planning committee especially the Chairman to show me on the plans where the meeting place, cinema, gymnasium, therapy room, cafe and restaurant open to non residents of the new home are situated as I cannot seem to find any mention of them on the ground floor and first floor plans.

If this is so what worth are the promises made by Dr Mattu for Crown Homes to all council planners and visitors, documented on the council video of that meeting, that all the above will be available.

Please think again, especially Acomb and Holgate councillors.

William Moore, Lochrin Place, York

Root of the housing problem

Regarding the local plan, Labour simply do not understand the root cause of the problem that faces those trying to get on the housing ladder.

Janet Looker said they would continue to oppose the council’s efforts to get the plan passed until it “makes a proper effort to address the housing needs of everyone in this city” (Letters November 30).

Those already in the city aren’t causing the rise in prices, it’s the demand caused by people wanting to move here, too many new buyers and not enough stock.

A subject Labour dare not address lest it should lose its credibility in waving accusations of racism at anyone that decides to confront the main issue driving the population rise, which is immigration.

If we want to stop relentless expansion of the city, the shrinking of house sizes, increased congestion and the inevitable pressure on local resources that follow, then the Local Plan needs to challenge the government’s pressure to build more. I hope the true Conservatives on the council continue to keep expansion down to a minimum and inform Westminster that if they want more homes for those they welcome into the country then they can build new cities on suitable land and subsidise the necessary infrastructure themselves.

China faced the same problem as a result of its excessive birth rate and decided to correct the cause, not the symptoms. We should do likewise.

Dr Scott Marmion, Woodthorpe, York

Move along, now...

50-PLUS years on and nothing has changed in Acomb!

No lessons learnt, no provision for young people made.

I remember all those years ago meeting friends in the Co-op doorway in Beckfield Lane or at Mrs Smiths ‘chippy’; the police, then on foot, would ask us to move on and go somewhere else. The same question being asked then is being asked now: “Where do you want us to move on to?”

We were lucky enough to have Lidgett Grove church who came to our rescue providing us with a youth club one night a week where we could meet, play our music, talk, laugh loudly and just be kids.

The recent events unfolding re the development of Acomb Park highlight the need for some recreational space for young people in Acomb.

They need to express themselves, they need their own space, somewhere to kick a ball, meet up with friends.

It’s all about being a teenager and learning social skills.

Without this provision, yes, they are going to meet up on Acomb Green and Morrisons Car Park and residents are going to continue complaining, and as the police move them on the kids are going to still ask: “Where do you want us to move on to?”

Annette Scott, Boroughbridge Road, Acomb, York