EIGHT university teams battled it out in a first-of-its-kind gaming event held in York at the weekend.

The University of York’s Gaming and Esports Society (FragSoc) welcomed teams from universities across the country who fought it out for a £500 prize.

The winners Lancaster University topped the rankings after becoming the first to win two games of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO), and they took the prize provided by sponsor York’s Ultra Fibre Optic from TalkTalk.

Organiser Jordan Reece said: “It was great to organise and be a part of this event. It gave university teams the opportunity to meet and play together in person.

“We’ve received a great response from other universities and within York and it’s been brilliant having York’s Ultra Fibre Optic from TalkTalk on board.”

The student society’s chairman Daniel Meilak said the high speed internet provided by the ultra fibre optic network was crucial.

“Access to high speed internet is an integral part of gaming and streaming especially for competitive games or esports, as it puts all players on a level playing field where their skill is not hampered by slow broadband.

“Streaming has become a massively popular aspect of the game and is dependent on high speed internet connections like York’s Ultra Fibre Optic from TalkTalk broadband.”

The event was streamed on both days with a live audience watching the semi-finals and finals on the Sunday.

TalkTalk’s Andrew Carn said the company was excited to support the unique event. “We understand the necessity for ultra-fast, reliable broadband for gamers as we roll out the UK’s fastest Ultra Fibre Optic broadband to homes and businesses across York; helping to transform York into a digital city.”